Soybot Riso Friday

Visit us at on almost every (2nd) friday for some serious riso printing. Feel free to show us your projects and ideas, we explain how to prepare the data and show you how it’s done.

Riso Friday is for all of you who wonder what riso is all about, for those of you for whom a workshop takes too much time and those who just want to print something quick and cheap. Or in case you just feel like stopping by and hanging out with us.

If you don’t know what riso is here a quick explanation:
Riso is a stencil print technique that lets you print quick, cheap and easy with some unusual colorspectrum up to size A3.

Stop by – nearly every 2nd friday at Soybot
Rauscherstraße 14, 1200 Vienna

Questions (pricing etc.)?
Contact us:

Write us anytime if you want to print something,
we’ll find a date for you:

Yellow, Yellow U
Fluorescent Orange, 805 U
Orange, 021 U
Red, Warm Red U
Burgundy, 235 U
Fluorescent Pink, 806 U
Purple, 275 U
Medium Blue, 286 U
Federal Blue, 294 U
Mint, 324 U
Green, 354 U
Hunter Green, 561 U
Black, Black U
Grey, 424 U
Metallic Gold, 872 U

We stock paper, which is well suited for riso-printing,
in 80g, 100g, 160g und 250g.

please also take a look at